US Election Day 2016

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Republican Candidate Donald Trump Beats Hillary Clinton To Win White House

Donald Trump obtained a historical and sensational upset win within the US Election Wednesday morning crucial battleground states to fully capture the Whitehouse and once more defying forecasts. He became the 45th US president after a stunning victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. After became president Donald Trump said, I thank the American nation to Elect him as president of USA. He further said now we will work together to make the country once again a great state. He said it was very difficult campaign against Hillary Clinton after the election victory, she congratulated me on the telephone.

Trump Won

According to the US public broadcaster, the outcome of many states, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, including DC Washington and North Carolina have uncovered that candidate Donald Trump has victory over Hillary Clinton. The outcome has currently Donald trump’s 278 electoral votes, while Clinton has attained only 218 electoral votes.


Donald Trump received Texas 38, Florida 29, Ohio 18, Arkansas 6, 7 Oklahoma, Tennessee 7, Mississippi 6, South Carolina 9 and 9 electoral votes  from Alabama. Trump  also won Aerial Ming 3, Nebraska 5 , North Dakota 3 and 3 electoral votes from South Dakota. Donald Trump even declared won in West Virginia.

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