US Election Day 2016

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Election Promises And Priorities Of Newly Elected President Donald Trump

Newly selected US president Donald Trump after wining the presidency has indicated the measures which he wish to inside the first hundred days. Trump to their preferences and expectations on the basis of these commitments and statements are as follows.

The first hundred days:

  • Illegal and criminal million visitors will start to evict from your region.
  • Ending exception of visas to inhabitants of the nations who’re able to take their nationals back.
  • Barak abolition of action that is arbitrary
  • US President bar to become a part of a reception White House officials
  • Restrictions on selected several members of Congress
  • UN climate change- termination for several packages of the supply of money
  • To use money to enhance social structure in the USA
  • And also to announce the nation by China to currency manipulation.

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