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Donald Trump Sworn In As President

Donald Trump took oath as the 45th President of the United States. Ex-President Barack Obama transferred power to new president Donald Trump after taking the oath. The official Twitter account of the President with the oath has been transferred to Donald Trump. Trump has vowed that his administration will promote employment and education. He said […]

Election Promises And Priorities Of Newly Elected President Donald Trump

Newly selected US president Donald Trump after wining the presidency has indicated the measures which he wish to inside the first hundred days. Trump to their preferences and expectations on the basis of these commitments and statements are as follows. The first hundred days: Illegal and criminal million visitors will start to evict from your region. […]

Republican Candidate Donald Trump Beats Hillary Clinton To Win White House

Donald Trump obtained a historical and sensational upset win within the US Election Wednesday morning crucial battleground states to fully capture the Whitehouse and once more defying forecasts. He became the 45th US president after a stunning victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. After became president Donald Trump said, I thank the American nation to Elect […]

Finally Donald Trump Won The Presidency Of USA

Finally after a very long time period and patience Donald Trump won the presidency of USA. American nation has chosen their new president in shape of Donald Trump. He was not as much popular as Hillary Clinton. According to top US news agency Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has  won the US election and were elected 45th president, defeating […]

Latest Results Of US Election 2016

According to US Media Trump is winning the presidential election 2016. See below the results. According to this Trump only needs 26 more Electoral Votes to win the presidency of USA. On the other side Clinton needed 55 Electoral Votes to win the election. Only After 8 states left to declare the full result. Florida State has chosen […]

Republican Candidate Donald Trump Getting Lead Over Hillary Clinton

According to American Media Republican Candidate Donald Trump is getting lead over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in electoral votes. Trump has succeeded in 18 States while Hillary Clinton got success in 12 States of USA. Trump has taken 150 Electoral Votes while Clinton has only 109 Electoral Votes.  

Republican Candidate Donald Trump Cast His Vote In New York

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump cast his vote along with his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka Manhattan flanked polling station in New York city. Donald Trump mentioned earlier today the plan continues to be an that set him touching the people’s unfulfilled goals. As he walked easily in the polling section flanked daughter Ivanka and by […]

After Long Political Campaign Voting Has Been Started In USA

Finally, after a very long political campaign Americans are going to cast their vote in favor of  their favorite candidates. It is most divisive election in the history. 225 Million Americans are able to cast their vote and also 46 million people have cast their vote earlier time opportunity.  Voters of America to vote in six-time zones. […]

Final Battle Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

First lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama want success of Hillary Clinton while Donald Trump informed that she will face the “experience of disappointment” and expected he’d hit away her in the election of Tuesday. According to top US Pollster Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds 70% possibility of winning the White House battle against her Republican rival […]

The World’s Biggest Search Engine Google Will Show Election Results In Search

Google will directly integrate all US Presidential Election poll results into its searches in over 30 different world languages to make the things clear and easier for the people of the whole world. In addition to the presidential race, comprehensive improvements of the Congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial races may also be on Google Search. Google’s vice […]

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